How to add organic juices to your diet

Organic juices have the advantage of being an easy-to-transport food that can be easily consumed anytime, anywhere. They can be kept throughout the day to take at different times, and their digestion is generally fast and requires little energy, so it will not be an impediment to keep you agile during the day.

1- As a dessert or side.

Adding juice during or after any of your main meals is a practical way to increase satiety without overdoing your main meal, which can sometimes leave you feeling like you could finish the whole pot. An example of this are the foods that the body consumes quickly, such as salads, some vegan meals or fish.

There are also juices prepared with fruits that improve the absorption of the nutrients that are present in other foods. Incorporating them into the main dish as a complement makes it easier to combine foods strategically to get the best out of everything we eat.

2- Between meals.

An interesting way to incorporate juices into our diet is between meals. This method is very useful to lengthen the hours of activity without feeling hungry. If we eat breakfast early and have lunch late, one or two juices in the middle of the morning can be the difference between completing the first half of the day calmly or reaching the limit for lunch, which can lead you to eat quickly or more than you really need.

3- As breakfast or snack.

Juices are also ideal to add to breakfast or a snack. If you need a productive morning, the best is a light game that provides energy; Eating slow-digesting foods for breakfast can be a problem, even if we have a late lunch scheduled. The feeling of having eaten a lot is almost never an indication that we are going to be satiated for longer, so it is better to incorporate other meals in the middle than to eat until we are fed up hoping to last several hours in a row.

4- As a substitute for dinner.

In diets that are designed to lose kilos, organic juices are a good substitute for dinner. An organic juice can leave you feeling full so that you can go to bed without an empty stomach, and provide you with only the essentials to get to the next day, so that you do not accumulate unnecessary fat.

5- As an energy supplement.

Above we mentioned that a juice in the middle of the morning or as breakfast can give you the boost you need to start the day, but there are also other times when you can take advantage of this idea. Between snack and dinner, or even in the middle of the afternoon, a fruit juice can help you speed up the digestive process and end that typical feeling of fatigue that you will have if you ate a lot or it is a hot day.

6- As a muscle restorer.

There are juices that are especially recommended for athletes for their energy contribution for muscle restoration. After intense physical activity, a workout or a game, the body needs to regain nutrients. Accompanied by cereals or a protein supplement, organic juices fulfill the triple function of hydrating, alkalizing and contributing with what the body needs.

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